Saturday, June 02, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers Key Frames

Here are some key frames from Marvel's The Avengers. The top one is Ironman in his Mark 7 suit in the final battle. The middle one is the Loki versus Captain America fight (also, in this piece I had a chance to design Loki's staff and Joss liked it.. yay!) The last one is the Hulk vs the jet on the Helicarrier. Enjoy! On a side note, if you saw the film in the ArcLight Sherman Oaks and/or Beach Cities, the Loki vs Capt and Hulk vs jet were printed HUGE... I didn't know it until I saw it in person getting our show tickets :) Also, I guess Marvel IT facebook got access to the Ironman and Loki vs Capt images and posted them already... kinda cool! More to come!