Saturday, May 09, 2009


Here are two sketches I did for the show. The initial Cammy sketch and a Chun Li that did not make the cut. Thank you to everyone who came and saw the show and for those who interviewed me and especially those who bought my pieces. More works to come! Thanks!


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jchensor said...

Hi, Rodney.

Just found your blog. I wanted to thank you for those pieces you made for the Nucleus Jab Strong Fierce gallery. Your artwork is fantastic, and I fell in love with your pieces almost instantly. My home has remained art-less for a long time and I just wanted to drop a note that I can now say that "Stretching" and "Get Ready" are now proudly in my home. I've been waiting forever to find some artwork that really spoke to me on a personal level, and being the huge Street Fighter fan that I am (and HUGE Cammy fan), the pictures spoke to me right away. You really have a great style and a really awesome control of colors (I really love the color work you used in both pictures), and I've looked at your other work since the Nucleus event and I really like all of what you've done.

Again... just wanted to say thanks! And as a side note, lots of Street Fighter players put some Custom Artwork on their joysticks to personalize them, and I'm actually planning on trying to take a nice digital photo of your "Get Ready" Cammy artwork and using it as the custom artwork on my Tournament Edition Joystick (sorry, I'm going into Street Fighter geek talk now... hahaha). That way, I can proudly show it off to others at every Street Fighter tournament I play at.

- James

Rodney Fuentebella said...

Hey James! Thanks soooo much! I'm glad those pieces spoke to you. I try my best to connect with my audience and your comment makes me excited to make more artworks. I'm post here when I have another show.. hope to see you there!